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Sell your book online

Not only does Bookmundo help you publish, but it also acts as a distribution hub, allowing you to sell your book online via major online retailers–including Amazon, Kobo, Google and Apple books. You’ll be able to monitor your sales across all of these channels via one convenient interface. We also provide you with your own custom webshop that will give you the highest possible margins on your book sales.

Tools to help you sell your book online

Once you’ve finally written, edited, and formatted your book, one final hurdle remains: you’re going to need to convince people to buy it. Whether you’re the kind of writer who finds the prospect of promoting and selling your book daunting or challenging, we’ve got a wide range of tools and distribution channels you can use to maximise your book sales, including a free author webshop, interfaces with major social media platforms and Whatsapp, the Bookmundo webshop, and all major international online bookstores such as Amazon, Kobo, Google and Apple Books.

Sell your own book via Amazon

Most authors want to sell their books via Amazon, which is understandable. Amazon’s reach is unrivalled, having your book available on their website lends it legitimacy and can get you a lot of exposure if you make the effort. These benefits have a price, however; Amazon will take a sizable chunk of your margins—around 45%. 

This tends to be the case for most third-party retailers; you’ll be trading a significant portion of your sales income in exchange for some status and—potentially—more eyes on your books. For maximum reach, select all third-party sales channels; there’s no reason to limit yourself to Amazon and our platform will take care of the distribution for you without it costing anything. All you need is an ISBN. 

Keep in mind that it can take up to a week for your book to appear on Amazon and other webshops.

Sell your own book directly

If you’re looking to maximise the profit per sold book, then direct selling is where it’s at. By circumventing the middlemen like Amazon and Kobo, you get to keep their slice of the pie as well, resulting in the highest possible margins for you, the author. Bookmundo provides you with an author webshop free of charge where your books will be available for purchase. Visitors will also be able to read a bit about you (or your author alter ego) and get in touch via email and social media. You can activate the author webshop in the promotion step after publishing. 

Our platform is also interfaced with a number of social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp, allowing you to compose and post messages and updates directly from your Bookmundo account. 

We recommend checking out our price calculator to see how much you can earn by selling your book directly and via bookstores. 

Sell your book internationally

Want to sell your book in mainland Europe? Or maybe the US and Canada? We’ve got you covered.

We have an extensive European printing network allowing you to sell your books directly and via local distributors in countries like France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium. Since we print and distribute locally, production and shipping costs are low both for you and your customers.

In addition, our international Amazon interface allows you to make your books available overseas, meaning you can sell your books in the US. Read more about selling your books on Amazon if you’re interested.

You can select which countries you’d like to sell your book in by going to the ‘Pricing’ step, setting your reach to ‘International’ and selecting the countries you want:

Promote your book

While our publishing platform makes things a whole lot easier, it can’t quite make your book sell itself, unfortunately. At least not yet. While activating all the available sales channels increases the chances of your book being discovered, it’s by no means a guarantee for success. What this means is that you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and start promoting your book.

We’re here to make book promotion and marketing as easy for you as possible. After you’ve created and published your book, you should head over to the promotion screen and start ticking off some of the actions listed there.

At the time of writing, our promotion screen allows you to post directly to various social media platforms using easily editable template messages, generate a press release template based on the info you’ve filled in about your book, and create your free author webshop. There’s also a handy checklist for organising your book launch event. We’re continuously working to add more features and better functionality to the promotion step. 

How much can you earn by selling your own book?

Even if you’re not in it to get rich, you’re probably keen to make some money with your book—creators deserve compensation after all! At Bookmundo, you set your own prices, meaning you get to decide how much your book is going to cost and where it’s going to be sold. In so doing, you also get to decide how much you earn per sold copy. In short, you’re something we like to call an ‘authorpreneur’.

Your margins will differ per sales channel: direct selling via your author webshop, social media or the Bookmundo webshop will net you the highest margins. Selling your book via Amazon and other third-party bookshops will net you the lowest margins. Want to crunch some numbers? Check out our price calculator!

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