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Self-publish your ebook with Bookmundo

Publishing and selling an ebook has never been this easy. Our platform ensures that you create the best possible book and lets you sell it via all major online bookshops through one simple interface. You can of course download it for free and distribute it however you like. How does it work? Well, you can get an overview of the publishing process below.

Basic setup

The first step of self-publishing involves setting up some basic preferences. This is where you choose a title, author name, and a few other basic things.

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In the following step, you’ll have the option to buy an ISBN for your book. An ISBN costs £10.55 and allows you to sell your ebook via third-party sales channels like Amazon, Kobo, Google, and Apple. You don’t need an ISBN if you plan on selling your book directly, i.e. via your own website, the Bookmundo webshop, or the free author webshop you can activate from the marketing step on our platform.

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Next, it’s time to get your manuscript sorted. You can upload it as a PDF, Word document, or EPUB. No matter what file format you upload, it will be converted to a readable EPUB by our system. Once you’ve uploaded your file and the conversion is complete, you’ll be able to download and review this final version of your manuscript.

We won’t make any changes to the content or formatting of your manuscript, so make sure to check the digital proof copy before publishing!

Word templates
When formatting an ebook manuscript, you’ll need to take a different approach than you would for a print book. We have a guide on that if you’re interested. We also have a Word template designed specifically for ebooks. We encourage you to use it if you’re planning on uploading your manuscript as a Word document.

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Publication information

This is where you enter what we call metadata about your book. Think keywords, a short description, and a blurb. This information will be used to make your book easier to find online, particularly in webshops. We will also automatically place your blurb on the back of your cover.

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The importance of this step speaks for itself: people will judge your book by its cover, as it is their first impression of your work. You’ve got two options:

Cover Designer
Our cover designer is free and easy to use, allowing you to create a professional-looking cover from scratch, even without any experience in graphic design.

Custom design
Want to design your cover without using our cover designer? We’ve got you covered! You can easily look up the dimensions of your book and use them to create and upload a custom-made cover. Don’t want to create your own cover? Consider hiring one of our professional cover designers to make one for a fixed fee.

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Price & sales channels

You set your own sales prices and margins. Our self-publishing platform offers a variety of integrated sales channels including your own personalised webshop, direct selling via social media and/or your own website, and third-party webshops like Amazon, Kobo, Google, and Apple books.

Sales channels
Select the sales channels along with the countries where you want your book to be sold.

Determine your sales price and your margin. Margins will vary based on the sales channel you choose. Want to crunch some numbers in advance? Use our pricing calculator!

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Final check and publication!

This is the final step! Publish your book whenever you’re ready. Within an hour, your book will be for sale in our webshop. It may take a few days for your book to appear in other webshops, depending on their policies.

Final check
In the last publication step, we expect you to check your files (manuscript and cover) thoroughly. What you see here is what will be published. As such, it’s also a good idea to double-check your sales price and distribution channels too.

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