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Self-publishing your own book: an overview

We continuously strive to make self-publishing as easy as possible for you. Once you’ve created and activated your account, you immediately start creating your book by following the publication steps on our platform. Below you’ll find an explanation of what each publishing step entails. Publishing your book has never been easier, so why not give it a go?

Self-publishing - basic setup

The first step of self-publishing involves setting up some basic preferences.

Book settings
Choose the format of the book you want to publish (paperback, hardcover or eBook), the size, cover finish, paper type and whether the book will be in black & white or full colour. We offer all kinds of book formats on our self-publishing platform, giving you maximum control over both the design and functionality of your book.

An ISBN is optional, but it is needed for selling your book via third-party sales channels such as Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, and Google Books. We offer ISBNs at attractive rates.

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You can upload your manuscript as a Word, PDF or ePub file. Our self-publishing platform will then perform all the necessary checks and convert it into a printable PDF (or readable ePub). After the upload, we’ll provide you with a digital proof copy of your book for you to review.
Please note that we don’t make any changes in your manuscript, so make sure that everything looks good in your book.

Word templates
Use one of our templates to get a quick start and give your manuscript a professional look. It contains all the pages you need.

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Publication information

In this step you need to enter a variety of information about your book such as subject, category, keywords, desired publication date and synopsis. This information will be used in our webshop, the back cover and to make it easier for people to find your book using Google search.

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The importance of this step speaks for itself: people will judge your book by its cover, as it is their first impression of your work. We provide you with two options:

Cover Designer
Our cover designer is free and easy to use, allowing you to create a professional-looking cover from scratch, even without any experience in graphic design.

Custom design
Want to design your cover without using our cover designer? We’ve got you covered! You can easily look up the dimensions of your book and use them to create and upload a custom-made cover. Don’t want to create your own cover? Consider hiring one of our professional cover designers to make one for a fixed fee.

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Price & sales channels

You set your own sales prices and margins. Our self-publishing platform offers a variety of integrated sales channels, and includes your own personalised webshop, direct selling via social media and/or your own website, and other online retailers.

Sales channels
Select the sales channels, such as Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, or Apple Books, along with the countries where you want your book to be published and sold.

Determine your sales price and your margin. Margins will vary based on the sales channel you choose. You want to run some numbers in advance? Use our pricing calculator!

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Final check, proof copy, and publication!

This is the final step! Self-publish your book whenever you are ready. Within an hour, your book will be for sale in our webshop. You will also be able to sell it via social media of course. Yes, self-publishing is that easy!

Final check
In the last publication step, we expect you to have a detailed check of your files (manuscript and cover) and all settings, like your sales price.

Order and check printed book
Always order a proof copy before publishing. There always seem to be a few typos or cosmetic issues that you miss while reading on a screen. A printed copy ensures you that you will find all these pesky errors!

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