Cheap book printing that doesn’t compromise on quality

With our nifty print-on-demand solution, you can print as many copies of your book as you like; anything from a single copy to thousands. This method is perfect if flexibility and budgeting are important to you. We can also offer you some great bulk discounts if you print three copies or more!

And how does that work, exactly?

Digital printing, also known as printing on demand, allows us to print custom-sized orders for you. Normally, this would be quite pricey, but due to the large volumes that we print on a yearly basis, we can keep print prices low, making book printing affordable to everyone. You can explore our print options by using our pricing calculator.

It’s dead easy to print your book on demand

Assuming you already have the files, you can place a print order within a few minutes. All you need to do is create and activate an account, log in, click on ‘New book’, and follow the steps. The most important steps involve uploading your manuscript and creating and uploading your cover; depending on your goals, you can skip or breeze through most of the other steps (such as ISBN, which is only relevant if you plan on publishing and selling your book). In the last step, you’ll be able to order your book. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll get to work printing and binding your book. You’ll get an order confirmation email once we’ve received it, along with a shipment confirmation once we’ve sent your books.

You’re in control

The great thing about print-on-demand is that you stay flexible. Since there are no minimum order quantities, you can adjust your order to fit your budget.  In addition to being able to order any number of books you like, you can also order as often as you like. This saves you money, and storage space in addition to minimising paper wastage. If you find yourself needing to make changes to your manuscript or cover, this method also ensures that you won’t find yourself stuck with boxes full of outdated books.  You can even maintain different editions of the same book in your account simultaneously, and then print the version you need, when you need it. This all ensures that you print your books your way; as it should be!

Print your book exactly the way you want it

Our platform provides you with a wide range of options when it comes to designing your book. You’ll be able to choose between two cover types (paperback or hardback with either a matte or glossy finish), the size and format of your book (we have 10 different sizes, including square and landscape options), and the type of paper used. We have three different paper types for you to choose from: 90 g cream paper, which is mostly used for novels and other fiction; 80 g white paper, appropriate for educational and nonfiction books; and 115 g semi-gloss white paper, which is well-suited for books that contain a lot of photos.

Furthermore, our cover designer can help you create a gorgeous, professional cover in no time, or you can simply upload a ready-made cover yourself if you prefer; the choice is yours!

Speedy printing and delivery—get your books in record time

Print-on-demand is actually a pretty fascinating process to observe, if you’re into that kind of thing. The paper is fed into the printer from a massive roll (just picture a gigantic toilet roll) and the contents of your books are then printed directly on to this paper, after which the pages are cut and glued together into the so-called ‘book block’. This block is then attached to the cover (which has been printed separately). You now have what looks like a finished book, which gets its edges trimmed of by a machine resembling a guillotine before being packed into boxes and shipped to your doorstep. All in all, this process takes between 2-4 days (up to 5 days for a hardcover) depending on the book and how busy it is. After that, it’s up to the Royal Mail, who usually get the book(s) to you within a day or two.

Print and bind your books abroad

We’ve covered how to print books for yourself and in Britain, but you can of course have your books sent anywhere. While we do ship globally, what’s even better is that we have an extensive European printing network as well. This lets you print and ship your books locally in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium. This means no customs hassle, speedy delivery, and much lower sending costs!

Print your book today!

Whether you’d like to print a novel, cookbook, manual, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. If you’re not sure what setup would work for the book you have in mind, feel free to consult our template pages, where we’ve put together a few ideas on how to best set up different kinds of books. You can also download one of our free Word templates to ensure that your manuscript is formatted correctly.

self-published thriller book on table


Whether it’s a thriller or a romance, this is your chance to get literary!

self-published biography on table


Why bother with things like fiction when real life can be so much more interesting?

Self-published non-fiction book on table


Use your particular know-how to inspire your readers with facts, figures, and anecdotes.

self-published cookbook on table


Foodie? Chef? Home cook? Share the joy of a delicious meal with the world.

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Immortalize your photographs with a book. The perfect memory, gift, or coffee table item.

self-published children's book on table with stuffed animals


Read your child a story that’s tailor-made for them. Perfect for birthdays, and baby showers.

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Sometimes prose just doesn’t cut it. Celebrate the written word with a book of poetry.

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Whatever you plan on writing – make it available with the click of a button, worldwide.