Once you’ve filled in your publication info, it’s time to design your cover. Cover design can be a tricky process, and if you feel you need some creative guidance, you should check out the article we wrote on the topic.

If you already have an idea of what you want your cover to look like, then it’s time to decide which tool you want to use to create it. We have detailed guides on how to use our own cover design tool as well as the online graphic designer Canva, so be sure to check them out!

If you use Canva (or any other third-party software) to make your cover, or hire someone to make a cover for you, then you simply have to upload the file containing your cover in the cover design step. Before you do so however, make sure that your cover has the correct dimensions! These dimensions change depending on the length of your book; use the cover calculator to get the exact dimensions of your cover.

We also offer paid cover design services: we can arrange for a professional typographer to design a cover according to your specifications.

Tips for your Cover Design

  • The cover is your book’s display window. Make the best of it!
  • Always use an image with the right resolution. We advise always using an image with at least 200 dpi.
  • Be sure you own the copyright of the image you use.
  • Pay special attention to the overall size of the cover before you start uploading. Make use of the cover calculator.
  • When your cover is ready, share it with your own network, social media, friends and relatives. This is an excellent promotion tool for your upcoming book.


Can you design a cover for me?
Yes, that’s possible, we offer paid cover design services.

How can I choose a cover template?
You choose a template simply by clicking on one that you like. After choosing a template your can continue to design your cover normally.

Why is there a limited number of colour combinations?
The colour combinations you see are just templates put together by us. You’re free to use them of course, but if you’d prefer a different colour scheme, you can of course use the cover designer’s colour wheel to make your own custom combinations.

Can I upload any image?
Yes, but please make sure you own the copyright!

What is the lowest possible resolution I can use whilst maintaining good print quality?
It depends on your perception of quality. We advise 200 dpi.

My image has a different size than the one I chose in the template. What to do?
You can upload your image and move the image across the template with your mouse. Thereafter you can crop the image. We do not increase, decrease or scale the size of the image.

Can I upload the entire cover as a PDF file?
Yes you can! Check the size and the spine width carefully. Use the cover calculator for the exact measurements.

Can I upload the entire cover as a jpeg or png file?
Yes, you can upload these file types, but makes sure to check the size and the spine width carefully. Use the cover calculator for the exact measurements. Reserve space for the ISBN, the barcode and our logo, which will appear in the lower right corner of the back cover.

Can I place a photo of myself on the back cover?
Yes. Simply click on the author photo on the cover template of your choice and upload an image.

Can I get a cover without your name on the back?
No, unfortunately that’s not possible. It’s standard practice for the name and logo of the publisher to be shown on the cover.

Do I have to place the ISBN on the cover?
When you have requested and paid for an ISBN, we will automatically place it, bar code included, on the back cover.

What am I supposed to do with the PDF that is sent back to me?
Check the PDF thoroughly and decide if it is to your satisfaction. The cover of your book will be printed as it appears in the PDF. It should also be noted that the PDF is already converted to CMYK, the print colours. Be aware that the colours in the PDF (CMYK) can appear slightly different compared to the colours on your computer screen (RGB).

I do not see any text on the spine. What happened?
When you publish a relatively thin book with a spine width of less than 6 mm, we cannot print a text on the spine.

What does the inside of the cover look like?
The inside of the cover is blank, as is usual with most books. Thus, the inside of both the front and back covers are empty.

What does the cover of an e-book look like?
We only use the front cover for your e-book and epub file.