In this step you will add specific publication information necessary to publish your book, among others:

  • Keywords. It is very important to choose them well, since it enhances the chance that your book will be found by Google (SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Summary. A short description of your book (not exceeding 255 characters). This is also important for the visibility of your book on the Internet, so make sure that your chosen keywords appear in this summary as well. Also, this text will be used for the short description in our web shop, as an introductory text in your press release, on business cards, in widgets, etc.
  • Comprehensive description. This will be used for the blurb on the cover of your book, and as an extra description in all web shops that will sell your book. It will also be used as body text for your press release. Make sure that the text differs noticeably from the summary – you don’t want to be too repetitive.


  • Put time and effort into writing the short and the comprehensive description of your book. They will be integral to your marketing efforts later on.
  • Choosing the right keywords will increase your Google ranking.
  • In later stages you can always change the publication level for your book.


Why is it necessary to provide keywords?
Keywords are crucial to being found on the Internet. Our website is continuously being optimized for search engines. The better your keywords are chosen, the higher your ranking will be in Google’s search results and the more likely it is that your book will be found.

Why do I have to add both a short and a comprehensive description?
The short description will be used for, among others, our web shop, promotional material and as an introduction in the press release. The comprehensive one serves – among other things – as the blurb on the back cover of your book, body text for the press release and as additional text in our web shop. Thus, both descriptions are important and deserve your full attention.

Can the summary and the comprehensive description be the same?
Yes, but we do not recommend this. We use both texts in the press release, as an intro and as body text respectively. They will also appear in our web shop.